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January 3, 2021 ∙ Happy New Year! A quick shop update: We will be keeping our current box for sale in our shop until it sells out, at which time we will begin working on launching a new box. Until then, please enjoy $5.00 off our current Kine Box, while supplies last. 

September 5, 2020 THANK YOU!! Because of your amazing support, we have sold out of both our current Kine Box and our curated "Stay At Home" mini boxes. We cannot thank you enough for your support of our small business during these uncertain times! 

What's next? We've been working on curating a new edition of our Kine Box that we hope to release later this month or early October. With shipping delays in play and community safety in mind, we are taking time and care to put this next box together. Until the next box is released, we still have some awesome Canadian accessories available if you're looking to stock up.

July 2, 2020  Newly released: Cannabis-themed fabric face masks. With face coverings now mandatory in many provinces, we've teamed up with a local creator to bring you some fun masks to help you stay safe and show off your love for this amazing plant!

April 13, 2020  Newly released: "Stay At Home" curated boxes. These mini boxes contain a collection of accessories and goodies to help keep you entertained while you stay home and stay safe. Reduced shipping on all curated boxes will be offered for the remainder of April.

April 1, 2020  Now offering FREE SHIPPING on all accessories for April and May with no minimum spend. Stay at home and let us replenish your rolling papers, snacks or pick up something to occupy your time like our gummy kits or playing cards. *Excludes curated boxes. Shop accessories here:

March 21, 2020 ∙ Hello, Kine Box family! As we began curating our Spring box, the world was rapidly changing and the way we maneuvered the routine of family life and our 9-5s required more focus than ever. During this time, we took a social media break to give us the opportunity to regroup on how to move forward with Kine Box for the next little while.

We have decided to hold off on releasing a new box and will keep our current box for sale on the website until further notice, along with all our in-stock accessories. Being a Canadian company that features solely Canadian products, we wanted to keep our store open so we can continue to support local, support small businesses, and help our economy (however small that may be). We also wanted to keep our products accessible for anyone that needs to replenish items while they are at home and following the social distancing required to help flatten the curve and get through this tough time. We are taking extra care when preparing your shipment which includes packing in a freshly sterilized space and handling all pieces with protective gear.

Once it’s safe and responsible for us to go back out into the community and source more amazing local products, we’ll be back with another box release filled with amazing Canadian products. In the meantime, stay safe and #BeKine! 💚